Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So, I'm working on this "sketchbook project".  I've never done this before so, we'll see how it goes. 

The theme that I've chosen is ---  The Secret & How to tell it.  My daughters have helped me with coming up with ideas for this theme.  My oldest daughter suggested something like .. secret to childhood, memories, tell it by passing it down to generations.  Secret to a happy life .. tell the memories.  My youngest daughter suggested that I tell how people in my life affected me and how I "taught" my kids things from what I learned from them.

My girls have been telling me for a while to illustrate the stories that I tell them about when I was growing up.  SO, this is the perfect opportunity to kind of "jump start" their request.  Once, I fill up my sketchbook for this project, I will be able to add more stories and maybe get it self published for them to have.

What I've started with is My Grandpaw and Grandpaw Meeks.  They were my grandpaw's parents.

The rough sketch shown is just ideas coming together.  It will have vintage things around the pages.  A photo of them holding me will be attached to the page with a "frame" drawn around it.  I will have an old letter basically telling the information.  I have yet to figure out exactly what I'm going to say.  I have ideas but too much to put in this project.  BUT, again .. this is just the beginning.  :)

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