Friday, February 17, 2012

This is for a book that I'm working on.  I have always done very realistic drawings but I'm trying to simplify my style so that it is more appropriate for children's books.  I forgot to scan in the other one that I have done.

 trying a different technique other than watercolor --- Had to stop and take a step back. Overworked some areas. Loosing contrast !!

It really helps to scan it and see it on the computer screen. lol I have no idea why. I see things so differently here. Top of the chair is way overworked for one thing. I was trying to get different line weights. I didn't achieve that. I've always used a certain type of pens but .... after really looking at it .. not sure I'm liking the pens like I used to. May try quill pens next. hmmm

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