Monday, May 20, 2013

Last week, I took a week long watercolor workshop.  And I have signed up to take Will Terry's online illustrator workshop.  I just got my first assignment.  exciting.

I've been trying to take into consideration what I have learned at the conferences.  One thing is to post to my blog more of what I'm doing.  The art director that I met said that publishers, agents etc like to see that stuff.  I have been posting to my FB things that I'm working on, you may have missed it ... which is why I'm trying to start posting to my blog.  I just take the pictures on my phone and can post to FB from my phone.  Having difficulties posting to my blog from my phone.

I have been studying other people's websites to see if I want to move mine because the renewal is coming up in June.  The Art Director that I met was telling about what they look for in a website.

I am trying to get my portfolio reworked because at the conferences, I was encouraged to go with my realistic style because that is who I am.  I had been trying to do a more "cartoony" look with my Grumpy Girl story.  SO, I've put that story on the back burner for now.

I was also encouraged to draw from models.  SO, I have found a few friends online that have volunteered their children.  haha.  and I am about to take an add out in my local paper in search of models.  Going to take advantage of the kids being off in the summer and maybe build my files of children photos.

Once I get 10 - 15 new illustrations of children done, I will update my website and then start sending queries to book publishers, agents, children's magazines etc.  I want to tell them that I will work on assignment instead of just saying that I want to write and illustrate my OWN book.

I am also working on a different picture book idea.  I drive an hour and a half on Mondays to paint with a group of ladies where I work on this particular project.  This is something that I may either self publish or send to Christian publishers.

So, that is what I'm doing these days !!


  1. All so exciting, good for you Felicia!!

  2. Outstanding, I have been peeking in on some of your new work. Gorgeous!


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