Saturday, October 20, 2012

I attended my first sketchcrawl last Saturday.  A small group from the Houston SCBWI and the Urban Sketchers group met at the Discovery Green.   Urban Sketchers posted the group photo here on their blog .

I was a little rusty as I hadn't actually "manually" drawn in a while due to eye problems for the last two months.  Warped Corneas !!  Long story but I have not been able to see to even walk through the house much less draw.  For a month, I was basically confined to the couch in the dark.  The light made things harder on me.  I couldn't see the t.v. , computer or distinguish from things to be able to walk through the house.

I did discover my new IPad which my husband had bought me the month before.  All I had been using it for was games.  On the IPad, I could make things bigger to see.  And I was able to see if things had "outlines" .. such as games !!!  That kept me busy for a few weeks.  Then, bored, I started looking at apps in the app store.  Found a few art apps and downloaded them.  I discovered that I could draw on my IPad.  So, that kept me busy for a while.

After two months of not being able to see, I can proudly say that things are better.  I can see now !!  The doctor still wants to "tweak" a few things, but I think I am back in the game now !!

Check out the photos from the sketchcrawl !!

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