Thursday, October 18, 2012

ok...  two posts in one day ??  This just HAS to be a good day.  Well, it is !!

GREAT NEWS !!! I CAN SEE !!! The doctor still has to tweak things a bit, but I can see WITH contacts and WITHOUT reader glasses to go with my contacts (which I still couldn't see clearly with)

Today's contact was only suppossed to be for distance. Put it in and it was blurry and I'm thinking....... geez !! BUT, as I sat in the chair waiting and looking around. I discovered ...... THAT I COULD SEE !! It took me a few minutes to figure this out though. haha.

Currently, my left is close up vision and my right is distance. He said that I would do better with right as close up and left as distance. BUT, before he does that, he is going to try me with BIO FOCAL contacts. So, he ordered those. Said it would take some adjustment to get used to wearing them .. about a week. I asked what the advantage was. He said IF I these worked for me that my vision would be a lot crisper. So, I said...... heck yea !! BUT, as of now, I can see to read, see the computer.

I celebrated by buying me some clay at Hobby Lobby. I'm going to do some sculptures of a new little character that I've been working on with my IPad. The boy is in leg braces and I need him sitting in a wagon so.. figured sculpting him would help to draw him. :)

I AM PRAISING GOD TODAY !! Not only the news with my eyes, but my daughter's car hydroplaned on the exit ramp last night. She stayed clear headed enough to steer away from the signs and the edge so she wouldn't go over the edge and come to a stop out of the road.. then to wait until cars passed to get back in the traffic. My life is good !!

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