Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SO much has happened since I started this blog.  My husband's brother, my brother and my aunt died.  Found out that my corneas in both eyes are warped.  It took a month to just be able to see to walk across the floor.  Then another more months to heal.  At this point, I am maybe nearing the end of this struggle.  Since this happened, I haven't been able to draw by hand.  Although, I've been working on my Ipad.  At least that keeps me creative, but has derailed me from my previous goals.  Which is to have a great portfolio for a children's illustrator's conference in April 2013.  I am really WAY behind.  AND I'm starting to stress.

To add to the mix, my husband had an accident with his hand which resulted in surgery.  From that, he had to have his blood work done and found out that he is diabetic with really high cholesterol.  And he is having another surgery in a few weeks for a large cyst on his neck.  There have been other stressful things that have happened on top of these things but just too complicated to go into here.

On a positive note.  I just attended my first "sketchcrawl".  This is a world wide event where people just meet up with each other and go draw for the day.  I had a lot of fun and met the "Urban Sketchers" which is another awesome group that is all over.  I just joined their group and can now proudly say that I am an URBAN SKETCHER.  !!
Although there have been a lot of bad things happening within my life, I need to take this time to praise God for keeping me sane through this and giving me strength.  ALSO for being with my daughter last night as she hydroplaned going down an exit ramp.  She was able to stay clear headed and make good decisions to enable her to come away safely.  God was with her in that car .. put his hands over hers on that wheel and kept her clear headed.  PRAISE GOD !!!

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